Trade Show Exhibit Fabrication

As you consider your tradeshow exhibit and whether or not you should repair or replace your display, ask a few key questions:
• Do the design and overall aesthetics represent your brand?
• Can you refurbish your old trade show exhibit or is it time to begin anew?
• Is your trade show exhibit “on brand” – representing all of your offerings?
• Does your company have significantly new products or services about to hit the marketplace?

What if you don’t refurbish? Can you compete?

Your company’s image depends on a fresh look and message. If you own your exhibit, this can be best accomplished by refurbishing and adding new graphics.

Every exhibit is different and most can be refurbished for a significantly small percentage of the cost of a new exhibit. With a wide array of trade show refurbishment and repair services available from Kore, take a moment to consider your brand. Talk with Kore Exhibits about new graphics, new branding elements, lighting accents, expanding spaces, adding different furniture and flooring. All the little details that will put you above your competition on the show floor.

Finally, let us help you dial in the image, look, and feel of your refurbished display at a fraction of the cost of a new exhibit.