Trade Show Exhibit Rentals & Purchase

Why Rent? You will be able to enjoy the custom look and feel of a purchased custom display at 1/3 the cost. Arches, curves, light boxes and custom colors and graphics will make your next trade show an event-marketing success!

– No storage fees.

– We will store your graphics for one year, no charge.

– The hardware will be placed back into our rental stock after close examination for damage and repair if required.

– All designs are custom tailored to your specifications and in your company’s image.

– Want to change the look for other shows? No problem, we can use your existing graphics and design a totally different look and feel for your new exhibit.

We will first discover what your image and objective will be for your next show and by asking the right questions, discover your parameters and mold a vision of your perfect exhibit.

Then we put this vision to CAD program and a 3d presentation. Together, we decide if there will be any changes and output the final design.

We then assemble your exhibit in our staging facility, exactly as it will appear on the show floor, complete with full color graphics. Your “live” virtual walk through is next and we have several ways to accommodate your schedule and preferences.

After your final approval from your walk through, we carefully pack your graphics, hardware, and lighting for shipping to the advanced warehouse or direct to show.

Our installation team will check on your freight and assist with placing ALL of your freight at your booth space. We will then start installation of your booth, on site, until completion to your satisfaction. Our services that are included are a wipe down the night before or the morning of the show which includes a one complimentary vacuuming.

Come back here. We aren’t done yet!!

Our customer service management team will take over from here and will maintain contact with you or your delegated representative in order to meet any challenges that might appear. You will have their personal cell phone numbers in case you have a concern.

We let you be you by not interjecting ourselves during your show unless you ask us too. No inordinate amount of “drive-byes” to distract you or your customers from your business.

Lastly, at the end of the show, we will check on your containers to assure they are on time for dismantle and packing. We will coordinate your shipping instructions as well, to assure your property is going to its proper destination.

When all is completed and the show is a success, we will ask you for your assessment of our products and services so we may serve you as good or better the next time.